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Chiyoda Technical Service (After Sales Service)

Our strength lies is in technology services after the delivery of the machine. In order to make the best use of the original performance of the machine, our sales staff will provide services that exceed your expectations so customers can have a sense of security for everyday use and we will strive to earn the trust of manufacturers.

Safety, Security, and Satisfaction

Quality assurance

Information on product service history is stored consistently from the manufacture of the product at the factory to the care service after delivery.

Officially qualified service staff

We will strive for accident prevention and disaster prevention based on safety training.

Overhaul and Rebuild

At the request of the customer, we will be able to overhaul and rebuild of the machine.

Prototype and development

Based on 70 years of experiences and achievements, we will pursue issues from manufacture to development.

Maintenance and Repair


Service staff will be dispatched promptly from each domestic sales office, and depending on the emergency, we can handle holiday and overtime work.

Maintenance parts inventory

Maintenance parts are always stored at each of our sales offices, and we will also consider repairing old model machines with recycled parts.

Outside of business hours

We will flexibly discuss the schedule and make efforts to meet the schedule as much as possible for such as the machine delivery and the factory layout change on holidays and outside of business hours.

Maintenance Support

We offer suggestions from preventive maintenance to safety and disaster prevention such as inspections and recommended parts replacement.

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