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CHIYODA CNC Pipe Benders optimally used for CIM systems

  • Supported by 70-year pipe-bending know-how and abundant experiences in numerous pipe-processing plants, CHIYODA CNC Pipe Benders are the most reliable pipe-bending units.
  • CHIYODA will answer all of your questions about pipe bending process and peripheral processing.
  • With its wide coverage area including FA production system and dedicated processing lines, CHIYODA can show the optimal solution for you.
  • CHIYODA will satisfy every NEEDS of the customers. Our target is 100% customers' satisfaction plus customers' reliability. Patent registration in foreign countries: (USA 2 cases, Canada 2 cases, and Korea 1 case)
  • Japan domestic patent registration: 38 cases / Patent filed 20 cases
  • Global network of high-tech know-how and abundant experiences
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