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Life cycle engineering

From the introduction of machinery to its operation, our sales engineering staff will gain a confident understanding of conditions. We will optimize life-cycle costs by suggesting ''maintenance plan'', "parts life-prolonging program," "renewal timing-assessment."

Inquiry and Business Talk
・Counseling: budget, specification, delivery time, environmental conditions.
・Suggesting: trial sample pieces
・Proposing: advantages of the introduction of machines
・ Budget
・ Quality
・ Delivery time
・ Installation environment
・ Safety
・ Inspection/ maintenance service
Production and Inspection
・Layout planning
・Program design
・Precision check
・Loading/durability test
・Acceptance test
Installation/trial operation
・ Installation/trial operation
Maintenance service
・ Periodic inspection
・Maintenance check
・Overhaul/repair/parts replacement service (round-the-clock)
・ Optimal plans will be proposed.
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