The principle of BECS MASTER

We would like to take every opportunity to visit our customers

It is of great importance for us to come face to face with our customers and get to know user’s evaluation of benders from their viewpoints. The lack of only one part will lose a function of a bender as a completed machine.

During the process of organizing a system for providing parts by ourselves,

it was very important to understand customers' bender application, satisfaction and requirement from experience, and this will lead us to further development.

It is possible to realize simplification of bender’s long life and highly efficient modularization since we can manufacture machines completely in-house.

In order to complete up-to-date tube benders that meet the customers’ demands, we also consider it indispensable to carry out maintenance checks of the operating machines at customers' shops, parts replacement and repairs.

For the purpose of offering comprehensive technical supports (after-sale service), we have built the storage system of service-parts, service-tools, measuring equipment and drawings. Moreover, by locating service bases in various locations and assigning field service technicians there, we have laid out the solid framework to support customers in case of emergency.

Meanwhile, our company encourages corporate activities that assist the customers from both sides of machine production and service supports, which offers the customers sustainable operation availability.

The principle of BECS MASTER

Our exclusive brand, BECS MASTER is registered as a trademark both domestically and internationally. It was born in 2004 as a brand that combines images of us surveyed by our customers and the future view which we are looking toward.

BECS (BEND, EXPAND, CUT, SIMULATE) expresses “ultimate beauty of fabricated tubes,” which we pursue with our original machines as “MASTER” of all metal tube fabrication with a focus on tube deformation process.

Encountering every challenge in tube fabrication, we have offered the most suitable solution with our innovative technology to the businesses and solved the challenges. The accumulation of these processes 70 years brought us where we are today.

Consequently, we have achieved a great success of developing the state-of-the art machines for the first time in the domestic market in each era.

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