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Company history

January 1949
The launch of business in Fujimi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
November 1951
Chiyoda Kogyo Co., Ltd is established as a specialist in tube benders.
January 1954
Osaka factory is relocated to 5-chome, Tagawa, Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka JAPAN.

May 1957
The company participates in the international Trade Fair in Osaka, exhibiting tube bender for the first time.

May 1958
Production of 33 model bender series starts.
January 1960
Head office factory is relocated to 3-7 Tagawa, Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka JAPAN.
April 1960
Tokyo branch office (Kanda, Tokyo) is established.
November 1964
Nagoya branch office (Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya) is established.

October 1965
Completion of line-up for 33 model bender series.
September 1969
Chiyoda Kohan Co., Ltd is established as a sales company separated from Chiyoda Kogyo.

May 1970
The company participates in the 5th Japan International Machine Tool Fair in Osaka, exhibiting the first NC bender in Japan.

April 1971
The company develops simple NC controlled PC bender.
May 1977
The company develops a general-purpose EC series CNC bender.

January 1981
The company announces TC series CNC bender and tube measuring machine.

June 1982
The company announces the automated system with tube loader and robot.

January 1983
The company announces the development of ST model 4 axes CNC controlled bender.

October 1985
The company announces the development of Color CRT controller.
August 1987
CHIYODA U.S.A. is established.
January 1990
International patent for the bender granted in Canada.

March 1990
Hamamatsu factory is established, starting operations as the main factory in Japan.
May 1990
Chiyoda South Korea is established.
April 1991
International patent for the bender granted in the United States.
July 1991
Expansion of the Hamamatsu 2nd factory

September 1992
The company files a patent for HYP series. (1DR bending)
November 1993
International patent for the bender granted in South Korea.
February 1994
The company develops Super U-bend machine (the first in domestic).

February 1995
The company develops high-speed spinning machine.
March 1996
The main production factory is relocated to Hamamatsu, Shizuoka JAPAN.
June 1997
The company develops CAM bender communication-system.

October 1998
HYP hyper-benders are expanded into a series.
June 1999
50th anniversary exhibition

June 2000
The company develops Windows embedded controller.
April 2002
Renovation of the Hamamatsu factory <

April 2002
Guest room, elevator and showroom are newly established.
October 2003
Expansion of overseas (United States) service bases (service-parts warehouse, permanent exhibition place)

September 2004
The company announces a new brand, BECS MASTER.
February 2005
Osaka head office renewal and expansion (reception room, training room, showroom)

July 2006
The company develops all-electric driven CNC bender.
October 2006
Fukuoka office is established.

June 2007
The company announces new tube bending simulation software.

August 2008
The company develops camera type tube 3D measuring machine.

January 2009
The company announces new EX series CNC bender.

April 2010
The company completes large-sized CNC bender EX-1500.

May 2012
CHIYODA KOGYO (THAILAND) is established.

July 2013
The company develops EX-E series controller for overseas.

April 2014
The company publishes magazine for Chiyoda Kogyo 63rd anniversary.
April 2014
Chiyoda Kogyo Indonesia representative office is opened.

April 2017
Chiyoda U.S.A service bases is opened.
September 2018
Head office is relocated to 7F, PICASSO Bldg., 3-9-14 Niitaka, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka JAPAN.

May 2020
Chiyoda Kogyo head office building is completed.
Head office is relocated to 2-4-17 Tagawa, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka JAPAN.
October 2020
We have consolidated Chiyoda Kohan Co., Ltd(Osaka), Chiyoda Kohan Co., Ltd(Nagoya) and Chiyota Co., Ltd., and established a new sales company "Chiyoda Sales Co., Ltd." as the sole distributor of Chiyoda Kogyo’s pipe processing machines.
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